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JS-20A PLC Control + Servo Type + Pneumatic Sealing

JS-20A PLC Control + Servo Type + Pneumatic Sealing

Automatic Auger Type Powder Filling & Packaging Machine

Machine Features:

  • PLC control + Servo motor with Touch panel for user friendly operation.
  • Touch Panel for easy usage to set up: Filling weight, cutting mode(eye mark or length cutting), bag length, speed, counter, QTY warning, memory record…etc.
  • Auger screw filling suitable for light density and hard flowing related powder.
  • Auger screw is one-piece formed and which is manufactured of stainless steel 304, comes with food sanitary standards.
  • Pneumatic sealing type for nice sealing packaging performance.
  • Electronic parts are adopted Japan and German for high efficiency.
  • Sealing and cutting operations are air cylinder activated for fast, highly efficient operations.
  • Multiple memory programs to record/read different packaging data.
  • Auto eye mark tracing in a short time.
  • Auto warning display for quick trouble shooting.
  • Filling Weight adjustable through panel directly.
  • Individual control for film pulling, sealing and cutting.
  • Enable to set up required sealing & cutting time.
  • Film tension control for stable film filling & pulling.
  • Hopper equips with agitator for smooth loading process.
  • All component in direct contact with product are made with SS304 or food sanitary standard.
  • PID function Temp. controller for each sealing part with stable sealing performance.
  • Bag width is adjustable by changing bag former guide.
  • Bag length 100-300mm is adjustable on the panel directly
  • Attached 1M speed adjustable product output conveyor.
  • Machine build with iron cast with stainless steel frame.
  • Product input screw conveyor is optional device, incl. auto refill function to work with packaging machine.


Optional Device:

Date coder, hopper level indicator, product input conveyor, nitrogen air connector, and other required device upon request.


Applicable Products:

Various powder, such as: seasoning powder, flavor juice powder, milk powder, flour powder, green tea powder, rice powder, cosmetic facial powder…etc.


Applicable Film:

Double layer heat seal suitable laminated film, such as: PET+LLDPE, PET+MPET+CPP, PET+AL+PE+LLDPE, Nylon+LLDPE…etc.


Sealing Type:

JS-20A PLC Control + Servo Type + Pneumatic Sealing + Auger filling

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Sealing Style

Pillow type packaging


40W*1, 400W*1, 2KW*1


220V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase(upon request)

Film Width


Bag Length


Filling Weight

100-500g/500-1000g/1000-1500g (varies with product density)

Packaging Speed

About 10-20 bags/min

Machine Dimension

225 x 150 x 290cm(L x W x H)

Machine Weight



  • Other packaging sizes available upon request.
  • Filling weight& Packaging speed will be differ from product density, weight & film.
  • 6kg/cm2 compressed air with dry air filtering system self-prepared is required.