WE MAKE IT HAPPEN / 忠山機械,完美實現。

About Us

Our company, Chung Shan Machinery Works Co., LTD. is the manufactory of packaging machines, established since 1977. We are experienced in machine manufacture and selling packaging machines to worldwide around 120 countries.

We obtained the certification of CE & ISO9001 for the production quality management to have stability & durability machine operation performance. Our machines are able pack various dry and liquid products. Such as powder: coffee, salt, pepper, sugar, spices, instant juice powder, detergent powder, green tea powder…etc; granule: tea, rice, beans, peanuts, candy, screws…etc; liquid: ketchup, sauce, oil, honey, shampoo, lotion, cream, juice…etc; others: chips, pasta, crackers…etc.

Mr. Hsieh, our General Manger has always focus on: manufacture technic, quality operation performance, reliable service, long time reputation, employees, all these 5 points are the required factors to maintain the manufacture factory.

Mr. Hsieh has mentioned, back to 40 year ago, it was the basic skill to do welding, operate lathe & milling machine, and even electric wiring work for the technician. Due to the upgrade processing machine and environment changed, lots of works are be replaced by automatic machines instead of traditional labors. However, the most valuable traditional experiences is getting from doing the process and it is unable to be 100% learned by operating the machine in a short time. Therefore, Mr. Hsieh has asked each technician to learn each processing works to continue this precious experience.

Each set of our machine is customized according to request, before manufacture, our sales team & design department will have detailed discussion with customers to understand the product characteristic, such as: fluidness, density, packaging size…etc., to receive as much information. During the manufacture process, each department has very strict & detailed checking process on each steps in order to build well performance packaging machines.

Made in Taiwan is never changed since the company established and it will also be the most important principle of the company. While having everything made in their factory, they are able to identify the problem, to upgrade the construction, and also to provide quick trouble shooting steps. This is very important because customers always know that Chung Shan Machinery is not only manufacture the machines but also provide well prepared after sale service.

Thinking about customer and attend the international packaging shows every year worldwide, the sales team is always at forefront position to understand the market trend and requirement to recommend customers the most suitable packaging machine. Our machines are able to pack various dry and liquid products in different industries, such as: food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal parts industry, automotive industry…etc.

From mechanical operated machine to servo type with touch panel system, Chung Shan Machinery is always leading the industry to have efficient & user friendly machines to fulfill various requirement. In the future, it is no doubt that we will continuously improve the manufacture skills, understand market requirement and insist to provide quality packaging machines for more and more customers.

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